Hello I'm Jaime

I am a graphic designer, with developer skills, based in the Bay Area. I am interested in all things web, mobile and gaming. I spend most of my days designing websites, creating assets for games, and creating game mechanics. Having the ability to contribute to every single step of the development process is something I take great pride in. I enjoy designing coherent wire frames, creating detailed mockups, generating assets, and implementing designs.



Targeted Digital


Targeted digital advertising on mobile platforms requires a lot of patience and creativity. There is stiff competition when it comes to the digital marketing industry, so it is vital that Ads retain a competitive edge by being innovative and eye-catching. I have experience creating everything from simple interstitial Ads to fully interactive HTML based Ads.

Interstitial Ads

Here are a few Interstitial Ads that rely solely on aesthetics to generate "click through" events. Interstitial Ads, like the ones displayed below, are technically the easiest type of Ads to create, but their simplicity forces them to require a higher caliber of aesthetic value. These Ads had to follow the brand guidelines of every party involved.

Interactive Ads

Below are a few examples of fully interactive Ads. These are made possible by front end development tools such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Using the Phaser.io framework, which provides the physics logic, I was able to create a variety of unique Ads that differed in looks as well as functionality. Code draws all assets from sprite sheets, and displays them at the appropriate time.


Designing ads for multiple clients at the same time can come with challenges. It is vital to keep a flexible work flow to be able to shift gears from one project to the other as seamlessly as possible. Below are a few of the companies I designed ads for.