Hello I'm Jaime

I am a graphic designer, with developer skills, based in the Bay Area. I am interested in all things web, mobile and gaming. I spend most of my days designing websites, creating assets for games, and creating game mechanics. Having the ability to contribute to every single step of the development process is something I take great pride in. I enjoy designing coherent wire frames, creating detailed mockups, generating assets, and implementing designs.



Go Racing
Mobile App


Go Racing is a mobile game that allows users to participate in scheduled races and grants winners real monetary prizes. Races are held everyday at 3pm, 5pm, and 7pm PST. I designed the UI and some of the 3D assets for the game. I implemented all the UI and VFX using the Unity game engine.

Core Game Loop

Go Racing's core game loop consists of four main scenes. First is the Car Select Scene, where users can access their inventory, their wallets, and their cars. Second is the Waiting Scene, where users wait for the upcoming race event. Users can purchase boost as well as participate in a group chat in this scene. Third is the Race Scene. Fourth is the Result Scene, where users view their results as well as collect any rewards they might have been granted.

Work Flow

Go Racing was a pretty big project, with a lot of moving parts. It is important to have a good work dynamic in order to keep different departments working as efficiently as possible. I worked a lot with engineers, which means we had to come up with an efficient system that promoted seamless transitions between departments. We used a GitHub repository with the Fork Repo Tool to help visualize our version control methods. We used a Master branch which represented the latest version available. From Master, we branched to a Development Branch which received any new features or modifications. Any feature had to be conflict free before pushing development to our repo.