Hello I'm Jaime

I am a graphic designer, with developer skills, based in the Bay Area. I am interested in all things web, mobile and gaming. I spend most of my days designing websites, creating assets for games, and creating game mechanics. Having the ability to contribute to every single step of the development process is something I take great pride in. I enjoy designing coherent wire frames, creating detailed mockups, generating assets, and implementing designs.



Nike Plus


The Nike Plus App is designed for the outdoor runner. It allows users to keep track of their physical exertion through out the day so that they can keep and increase their daily goals. It also allows users to plan their runs ahead of time so that they know exactly how much they are going to travel. Users can design their runs according to the distance they want to run that session.

User Flow

When first launching the app, users will be required to sign-in via Facebook or Gmail. Returning users will arrive on the home screen, which displays stats about their daily physical exertion. Users who choose to start "runs" will be sent to a different screen displaying essential information about their run. While in the "run" screen, users can plan their run by opening the extended map view, which allows them to add checkpoints on the surrounding streets. Users can plan their runs according to the distance they want to travel that session.

Nike Plus Data

Users can access their account and stats through the Nike Plus website. They can use this site to build tracks which can be accessed through the mobile app. Data collected from the Nike Plus chip, as well as the mobile device it is connected to, is automatically shared with every device that has access to the Users account.