Hello I'm Jaime

I am a graphic designer, with developer skills, based in the Bay Area. I am interested in all things web, mobile and gaming. I spend most of my days designing websites, creating assets for games, and creating game mechanics. Having the ability to contribute to every single step of the development process is something I take great pride in. I enjoy designing coherent wire frames, creating detailed mockups, generating assets, and implementing designs.



Mobile App


Orion is a hyper-casual mobile game that allows users to fly rockets throught space. Users need to navigate through space debris and meteorites by swiping up and down. Flights get increasingly difficult as users continue to avoid abstacles.

Core Game Loop

Orion's core game loop consists of three main scenes. First is the main waiting scene / menu, where users can access their inventory. Second is the actual game play, where users dodge upcoming objects until they get hit. Third is the retry scene, which shows the users their last score, their high score, and gives them the option to retry.


All 3D models used in the game were made in 3D Maya. These models are really simple and clean to aid in performance as well as aesthetics. The process to make these models starts off with a simple sketch. I then create guidelines for every angle to aid in the modeling process. I import all of these guidelines into Maya and start modeling. Once modeled, I then UV map all of the meshes. Textures, Specular Maps, Bump/Normal Maps, and Emission Maps were all done in Illustrator and Photoshop.