Hello I'm Jaime

I am a graphic designer, with developer skills, based in the Bay Area. I am interested in all things web, mobile and gaming. I spend most of my days designing websites, creating assets for games, and creating game mechanics. Having the ability to contribute to every single step of the development process is something I take great pride in. I enjoy designing coherent wire frames, creating detailed mockups, generating assets, and implementing designs.



Wolk Blockchain


Wolk is a decentralized data base that uses Swarm DB and other blockchain technologies to store client data. I designed the companies web presence as well as any and all branding. When trying to build branding from scratch I try to start with the logo. Once the logo is designed, every client facing design can take styling cues from the logos styling.

Desktop App

The Wolk Desktop App allows users to upload any piece of data to the blcokchain. Movies, music, documents, etc. can all be uploaded to the blcokchain and will be available for everyone for a small price. Users looking for content, can pay with the Wolk Token to access their desired media. These Wolk Tokens will be sent to the person that uploaded that content with a processing fee sent to Wolk itself.